"Better decision making processes result in better decisions"


Popular webinars given by Dr Martyn are available through CCH or as in-person courses by arrangement. 

Corporate Governance 

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Corporate Governance - A Practical Handbook (2012,2016) is a user-friendly, non-intimidating collection of important governance guides for those needing a practical set of tools to carry out the...


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Improving board decision-making 

Boards of directors contain highly educated professionals –  fast thinkers and team players, who understand one another’s perspectives and beliefs; after in-depth critical discussion, they are meant to come to a consensus. 
So why do boards sometimes make poor decisions? And can you and your board do anything to make good decision-making more likely?  

Learn about the common mistakes that boards make and how your leadership team can improve its decision-making process by applying current science of decision-making techniques.

Group decision-making is a balance between the task and relationship dimensions that determine productivity, satisfaction and decision-making quality.

Our governance experts offer clear guidance and effective techniques proven to lead to better decision-making - the hallmark of good governance.

No matter what your experience level, whether in a large corporate or a community not-for-profit, we can help you and your board build better ways to work together that result in better decision-making for your organisation.

Our principal, Dr K Martyn, initiated and edited New Zealand's first practical handbook on corporate governance, published by CCH (2012, 2016). Her professional development webinars focus on: 

We specialise in creating enjoyable, informative executive development programs and presentations improving critical thinking, systems thinking, evidence-based auditing of governance practices and policies.

We excell at creating bespoke systems and procedures to improve governance, company secretariat, and senior management development.

We use modern, engaging training and development methodologies.   


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